Closing Mass of the 35th General Chapter 
Homily for the Closing Mass of the 35th General Chapter 


The superior general in council has named and the general chapter has confirmed the nomination of Brother Augustin Nelson of the province of Haiti as secretary general for a first mandate.

The same took place for Brother Omar Patrick Andriambahoaka of the province of Madagascar as general treasurer for a first mandate.

  Changes regarding the service of fraternal authority in the Institute.

Augustin Nelson

Brother Omar Patrick

Brothers Raymond Hetu and Serge Toupin

Brother Raymond Hetu
Brother Raymond Hetu was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, on November 25, 1957. He pronounced his first profession on August 5, 1978, and his perpetual profession on June 16, 1985. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Arts degree in History. Besides being a teacher, he served as a local superior, and master of novices for three years. Since 2006, he has worked at St. Columba’s College in St. Albans, England. At this school, he dedicated himself to the promotion and the sharing of the foundational charism of the Institute. At the time of his election to the general council, he was a member of the provincial council of New England Province.


Brother Serge Toupin was born in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada, on September 15, 1952. He pronounced his first profession on June 23, 1974, and his perpetual profession on June 14, 1980. He is certified in secondary education and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in Theology. He has experience in PRH (Personal Human Relations) formation and in growth psychopathology (IFHIM-Institute for the Integrated Human Formation). Besides being a teacher, he served as an animator and in vocation ministry. He has been a local superior and a provincial councilor. In 1988, he went to Tahiti where he was director of John XXIII House and professor at the major seminary. At the same time, he was the delegate of the provincial superior in French Polynesia. Upon his return to Quebec in 2001, he was appointed master of novices. In 2002, he was called to work as full-time 1st councilor of the Province of Canada. Since July 2008, he has exercised the service of fraternal authority as provincial superior.

MASS OF THANKSGIVING for the outgoing general council

Dear Brothers:
During this Eucharist we wish to thank the Lord for the outgoing General Council, and especially for Brothers Gaston Lavoie and Paul Montero.
Brothers Gaston and Paul were members of the General Council during fifteen and twelve years, respectively.
When we started our mandate, six years ago, Gaston and Paul were the experienced men of the General Council.
They fraternally welcomed us as new members of the council, arriving with a lot of good will, but ignoring practically everything about the functioning of the general council.
They allowed us to begin a new life at the service of the Institute and immediately made us feel at home.
We thank the Lord for the fraternal welcome of Brothers Gaston and Paul,
for their spirit of service, for their constant support for the best discernment in our decisions, for their loyalty, for their love of truth, for their generosity, for their love to the Institute, for their good heart.
May the heart of Jesus bless them, bless us and all our brothers and lay partners.



The 35th general chapter gives thanks to God for the service of authority given by the outgoing general council.
Hermano José Ignacio Carmona, superior general, Colombia
Frère Gaston Lavoie, conseiller général, Canada
Brother Paul Montero, general councilor, New Orleans
Hermano Denis Plourde Caron, consejero general, América Austral
Frère Charles Biagui, conseiller général, Sénégal

We are happy to announce that the chapter has chosen the following team to lead the institute during the next six years.
Hermano José Ignacio Carmona Ollo, Superior General, Colombia, segundo mandato.
Hermano Denis Plourde Caron, consejero general, América Austral, segundo mandato.
Brother Raymond Hetu, general councilor, New England, first term.
Frère Serge Toupin, conseiller général, Canada, premier terme.
Frère Charles Biagui, conseiller général, Sénégal, deuxième terme

José Ignacio Carmona

Denis Plourde Caron

Raymond Hetu

Serge Toupin

Charles Biagui



Morning session
The day started with the opening of the session by Brother José Ignacio Carmona-. The prayer, inspired by the chant : “ Que rien ne te trouble ”, invited us to keep an inner silence. Brother Serge Toupin presented the agenda and Brother Germán Cuervo the report on the Province of Colombia. Among the strengths of that Province, were the capacity for enthusiastic work and willingness and solidarity of its members; among the weaknesses were the need to strengthen the sense of community and vocation ministry.
The session continued with the presentation of the main theme by Brother Denis Plourde : A call to a prophetic mission: part two. Vocation ministry in view of a prophetic mission. He emphasized two obvious facts: it is God who calls, and the call does not come from us. He then invited the four secretaries of the respective pre-Chapter assemblies to present their reports on the 1st question : Identify the four principal obstacles that impede vocation ministry. After the break, at 10:30 a.m., we proceeded to the election of the General Superior. Brother José Ignacio was chosen after the first ballot with an absolute majority for a second term as the General Superior of the Institute.

Afternoon session
Brother José Ignacio opened the session, and after the singing of the hymn "Laudate Dominum" the assembly approved the minutes of yesterday’s sessions. Then, Brother Joseph Rocco presented the report on the situation in the Province of New York. On the positive side he highlighted the Brothers’ passion for the mission, and as challenges: ageing and lack of vocations.
We then continued with the reactions of the Chapter members to the reports of the four conferences on the first question of the main theme of the day. Here are a few reactions: Brothers are not sufficiently present among the young, lack of direct involvement in the vocation ministry, the need to invite possible candidates to “Come and see.” After the break, the members worked in groups to discuss the following point: Why do we want vocations? State five elements that must not be disregard in our consideration of vocation ministry with a view to a prophetic mission.

Upon returning to assembly, and after a period of prayer, we placed names in nomination for the 1st and 2nd General Councilors. The session was adjourned.

May 07, 2012
Superior general of the Institute

To all Brothers of the Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

This morning, Monday, May 7, 2012, the general chapter elected on the first ballot with an absolute majority Brother José Ignacio Carmona Ollo as superior general of the Institute.

All of us thank him for having accepted to serve another mandate in the service of fraternal authority at the general level. We assure him of our prayers and support.

Ametur Cor Jesu! Ametur Cor Mariae!


May 03, 2012

Douala, 24 April 2012.

Brother José Ignacio Carmona and members of the General Chapter:

Dear Brothers,
Providentially, we are today in Douala on our way to Lagos for our official visitation of our local communities in Africa.
We took the opportunity to visit with the brothers in Douala, who welcomed us most cordially, and invited us to share an evening meal with them; this afforded us an opportunity to renew our fraternal bonds with them.
They showed us around the wonderful facilities that you have in your “Collège St-Michel,” there. Congratulations!
We are aware that you are scheduled to begin your general chapter in Rome tomorrow. We also know that is a very significant moment for you as an institute.
On behalf of all the general administration of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, we wish to assure you of our prayers for you all during this month. May the Holy Spirit accompany you in your deliberations and decision-making.
We are scheduled to return to Rome on 10 May, and upon our arrival we hope to meet with you, and learn how the chapter is proceeding.

Through the intercession of Father Coindre, Brother Polycarp and Sainte Claudine, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, may Jesus grant you his generous blessings.
Cordial greetings to each member of the chapter,

Maria Angeles Aliño, RJM et Francoise Barras RJM

April 26-27, 2012
RECOLLECTION - Brother Sean Sammon, fms

Outline of the recollection :
- A story
- Religious life’s recent journey and where we are now
- The present challenges and the importance of charism and the Holy Spirit
- Community
- Spirituality
- Mission
- The role of the General Chapter
- Acceptance of contradictions
- Styles of leadership
- Forming an identity
- Some signs of time

Fundamental questions: Do you and I really believe that the Spirit of God who was so alive and active in our founders longs to live and breathe in you and me today?

- Take a few minutes to reflect on the journey that the Brothers of the Sacred have made over the last half century. Can you identify any of the stages discussed here? Where does the institute appear to be at the moment in terms of the process of renewal? What challenges do you and your brothers face at the present time?
- If you had the opportunity to give the members of the chapter one piece of advice, what would it be?
- Consider the institute as a whole or your own province for a moment. What style of leadership appears to be preferred by the Brothers in general: transformational or transactional?
- As you look to this chapter, what can you as its delegates do to foster the type of leadership that will allow you to address prophetically the question of mission, and perhaps even revisit community life and the spiritual and human development of the brothers?
- What have been my best experiences of community life thus far?
- What aspects of community life are most challenging for me?
- In what ways might you and I need to change if we are to invite young people into our institutes today? What might the chapter do to address, once again, the question of vocations?

April 25, 2012

1. Official opening of the General Chapter
After a few moments or personal prayer in the chapel of the General House and after singing the “Veni Creator Spiritus”, the chapter members go to the chapter hall where the superior general, Brother José Ignacio Carmona Ollo, delivers a welcoming address and declares the 35th General Chapter officially open. Then, Bro. José Ignacio reads the letter received from the Prefect of the Congregation for the Institutes of consecrated life and Societies of apostolic life, on the occasion of the opening of the chapter. He then introduces the members of the support staff.
2. Examination of powers (role call of chapter members)
3. Election of the director of debates: Bro. Yvan Turgeon
4. Election of secretaries of the chapter: Bros. Joseph Mbissine Ndong (Sénégal) andt Jean Toora (Togo).
5. Election Tellers: Alfredo Julio Palacio (Colombia) Raphaël Rakotomiandrisoa (Madagascar) and Joseph Koudé (Central Africa)
6. Election of the coordination committee: Bro. André Cloutier for the French speaking Africa and Madagascar conference, Bro. Eusebio Calvo for the Latin America and Spain conference, Bro. Raymond Hétu for the English speaking conference, Bro. Serge Toupin for the North/South conference.
7. Adoption of the daily timetable
8. Adoption of the chapter directory
9. Adoption of the daily agenda