General Chapter preparatory calendar

The general council will be in Rome December 8 to 24, 2009; February 22 to March 14, 2010; May 1 to June 10, 2010; and August 1 to September 30, 2010. We will devote most of that time to writing the first series of preparatory documents for our General Chapter of 2012.

Here is the calendar for various steps in the preparation process for the chapter:

Ř  Beginning November 30, 2009: preliminary consultation among the entities regarding possible topics to be dealt with during the General Chapter of 2012.

Ř  No later than February 15, 2010: results of that preliminary consultation arrive in Rome.

Ř  December 8, 2010: the chapter’s indiction and some preparatory documents are sent to all entities (by e-mail and by regular mail).

Ř  December 8, 2010: the date upon which the superior general in council will base its decisions in determining the number of delegates and alternates to be elected in each entity.

Ř  The year 2011: preparation in all entities for the general chapter of 2012.

Ř  End of December 2011: the general council will know the results of the elections for delegates for the general chapter.

Ř  Beginning of January 2012: official convocation of the chapter will be sent.

Ř  January 2012: pre-chapter assemblies will take place.

Ř  March and April 2012: preparation of final documents coming from the entities and from the pre-chapter assemblies.

Ř  April 25 to May 25, 2012: General Chapter in Rome.