2018-02-18 New administration: Province of Haiti - May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2021

2017-11-26 Appointment: New member of the International session of Rome (SIR)

2017-10-25 New Administration: Province of Spain  January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2020

2017-10-07 Death of our 14th Superior General, Father  Jesús Marín Salcedo

2017-09-27 New Administration: Province of América Austral: January 1, 2018 - December 31,2020

2017-05-27 New Administration: Province of France 2017-2020

2017-05-26 Assignment: Local Superior of the General House (2017-2018)

2017-04-07  New Provincial Administration: Senegal - July 2017- June 2020

2017-03-14  Legal Representative of the Institute

2016-12-30  New Administration: Province of the United States (July 1, 2017)

2016-12-19  New Administration: Province of Eastern and Southern Africa (2017-2019)

2016-05-29  New Administration: Province of Brazil (2016-2019)

2016-05-07  New Administration: Province of Canada (2016-2019)

2016-03-27  New Administration: Province of Western Africa (2016-2019)

2016-01-09  Information Letter of the Superior General to all the Brothers of the Institute

2015-10-09  Renewal of the Provincial administration: Province of Oceania 2016-2018

2015-10-24  General Conference:  Closing mass - Homily of the Superior General - Bro. José Ignacio Carmona

2015-10-23  General Conference:  Picture of the Conferences

2015-10-23  General Conference:  Final picture of the participants

2015-10-22  General Conference:  Golden Jubilee Celebration: Bros José Ignacio Carmona and Nelson Dionne

2015-10-20  General Conference:  Participants

2015-10-13  General Conference:  Meaning of the logo

2015-10-13  General Conference October   Social  October 11

2015-10-11  General Conference October 12-24: The Participants

2015-10-11  General Conference October 12-24: Words of welcome from the Superior General

2015-04-17  New provincial administration: Colombia - July 1, 2015 - June 30 , 2018

2015-04-17  New provincial administration: Madagascar - August 31, 2015 - July 31, 2018

2015-03-29  Appointment of the new General-Secretary of the institute: Brother Albert Khamade FAYE

2015-03-26  Second message from Brother Antonio López García-Nieto  (Lowanatom, Tanna)

2015-03-22  News from Brother Antonio López García-Nieto  (Lowanatom, Tanna): "I am alive"

2015-03-22  Photos of the Brothers' residence and  school (Lowanatom, Tanna)

2015-03-19  Message from Brother  Antonio López's sister

2015-03-18  News from Vanuatu: Brother Antonio López

2015-03-15  Update  March 18, 2015,  on the situation  in Vanuatu aftermath of hurricane PAM

2015-03-15  Update on the situation  in Vanuatu aftermath of hurricane PAM

2015-03-10  New provincial administration: Province of Haiti: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2018

2015-02-17  Necrology of the Institute: 1821  up to the present

2014-12-20  Message of the Superiors general: We are all Brothers

2014-12-19  Christmas wishes of the Superior General

2014-12-02  New provincial administration Spain: 2015-2017

2014-11-13  Request for candidates for the Mission of Amatongas, Mozambique

2014-09-30  New provincial administration: América austral: 2015-2017

2014-09-02  Assignment for the local community of Amatongas, Mozambique

2014-06-01  New  Administration: Province of France 2014-2017

2014-04-29  New  Administration: Province of Senegal 2014

2014-01-06  New  Administration: Province of Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA)

2013-12-20  The Superior General's  Christmas greetings

2013-12-18  Christmas and New Year's greetings

2013-11-21  First provincial administration of the Province of the United States

2013-10-04  Survey for the Canonization of Father André Coindre

2013-06-22  New provincial administration: Brazil

2013-05-31  Decree of foundation: Province of the United States

2013-05-26  History of the Institute: 1952-1988

2013-05-03  New England: Installation of Brother Roger Lemoyne, 4rth provincial councilor

2013-04-03  New administration of the province of New Orleans

2013-04-02  New administration of the province of Western Africa (AFO)

2013-03-24  Session for the formation of the new brother provincials

2013-03-24  New delegate of the provincial of the province of Canada for the delegation of Central Africa

2013-02-07  Unification Process Continues for the US Provinces

2013-01-09  Animation team  SIR (Session Internationale Rome) 2013-2018

2012-12-23  Superior General's Christmas message

2012-10-13  Open Letter - Intercongregational session 2012 - Rome

2012-09-09  Renewal of the Provincial administration of Oceania

2012-07-18  Appointment of the Promoter for the Causes of Saints

2012-07-18  Commission for the promotion of the charism of André Coindre

2012-05-22  Service of fraternal authority in the Institute

2012-05-10  General Council 2012-2018

2012-05-07  Election of  Brother Superior General

2012-04-14  NEW ORLEANS: Renewal of the provincial administration  2012

2012-04-14  NEW ENGLAND: Renewal of the provincial administration  2012

2012-04-14  MADAGASCAR: Renewal of the provincial administration  2012

2012-04-15  HAITI: Renewal of the provincial administration  2012

2012-04-14  COLOMBIA: Renewal of the provincial administration  2012

2012-02-10   Inter-congregational session, September 2012

2012-02-08   Pre-chapter assembly  of the English speaking conference

2012-02-04   Pre-chapter assembly  of the Northern Southern Conference

2012-01-15   Pre-chapter assembly  Latin America and Spain

2012-01-12   America Austral, renewal of the provincial administration

2011-12-22   Merry Christmas

2011-11-28   New York, renewal of the provincial administration

2011-11-22   Spain, renewal of the provincial administration

2011-06-21   Missionary Endeavor in Amatongas (2)

2011-06-17   Commision for the Formation Guide

2011-06-16   New Provincial Council Province for the Province of France

2011-05-31   New Provincial Council Province of Canada

2011-05-01   Commission for the Promotion of the Charism (CIVAC)

2011-04-30   News from Abidjan

2011-03-26   New Provincial Council Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA)

2011-03-22   Commission for the Promotion of the Charism

2011-03-20   News from Abidjan

2011-03-16   News from Mozambique

2011-03-15   Website International Session Rome

2011-03-14   Haiti: One Year After the Devastating Earthquake

2011-03-15   Commission for the Promotion of the Charism

2010-06-11   Missionary Endeavor in Amatongas,Mozambique

2010-04-09   Province of West Africa. Provincial Administration